Sanctuary Store

The Setting: The Merry Nutfarm

Located in the picturesque Dandenong Ranges in a place fittingly named "The Patch."

Over 50 years of history as a thriving nut farm, cultivating hazelnuts and chestnuts.

The Challenge: Coexisting with Nature

The farm faces a unique challenge with a growing population of sulphur-crested cockatoos.

These intelligent birds, drawn to the farm’s nuts, have moved in permanently. Netting is an option, but is not economical nor eco-friendly.

The Ethical Decision:

Instead of culling the birds, a decision rooted in respect for nature was made.

The farm chose to adapt and find a harmonious way to coexist with the cockatoos.

The Innovative Solution: Eco-Conscious Commerce

Launch of an online store to sell nuts so we can leave them on the trees for the cockatoos, whilst we develop the farm as a natural wildlife sanctuary.

Customers can contribute to wildlife conservation by sponsoring a tree or by notionally buying nuts by the kilogram.